We believe in the power of Soil

Dresser Estate Vineyard

Dresser Winery features its landmark vineyard situated 1100 feet above sea level that benefits from foggy mornings with extreme diurnal shifts that lead to cool nights and hot days.  It’s not uncommon to wake up to 50 degree temperatures and then the afternoon hits you with 100 degrees.  But the hallmark of our 25-acre property with 12 acres of vineyard is the limestone soils throughout and hilly terrain allowing us to grow seven different varietals including: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Malbec, Tempranillo and Sangiovese. Quite simply though, the dirt is whaat influences the most and makes our wines the powerhouses they are (along with a bit of wizardry in the barrel room!)

Dudley Vineyard

Dudley Vineyard is what started the dream for the Burke’s.  This small two-acre vineyard on Paso’s East Side features mature Zinfandel plants with heavy clay soils and unique flora throughout that creates a unique profile for the Dudley Vineyard wines featuring the Zinfandel grown on the property.

Two Hills Vineyard

Dresser Winery sources its Primitivo fruit from Two Hills vineyard which is nestled onto South and South West facing slopes of the Huerhuero Hills along the Northern border of El Pomar District. This is an uplifted area rising 1,258 feet above sea level along the La Panza–Huerhuero Fault. The hillsides are underlain by granitic rocks, sandstones and calcareous shale fragments with lime deposits and eroded sediment overlaying the surface. The soil series is Linne-Calodo and is primarily alkaline. The soil texture is clay and sandy loams of shallow to moderate rooting depths with modest nutrient levels and low to moderate water holding capacity creating a low to moderate vigor vineyard site that can produce intensely flavored and aromatic fruit. The slopes are significant ranging from 11 to 28 percent.


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