The Douro is Beautiful!

Geez, I don’t know how to say this.  The Douro in Portugal is just amazing from all views. I love Paso…I think it’s beautiful and if you’ve driven the 46 to Cambria a couple weeks after we get a bit of rain (rain? what’s rain? I’m not sure I know anymore either…) it is easily a transformative experience.  You’ll quit your day job, have a kid and buy a winery. Who does that?!  Oh yeah…we do…

Anywho that spot is gorgeous here on the Central Coast.  But geez is the Douro beautiful! The negative is if you’re Catherine who has unforgiving motion sickness.  We had grand plans to visit a couple boutique wineries that are like us but it didn’t work out like we’d hoped.  As the wine host for the cruise on the Douro, I had work to do.  But it’s wine work…so not the worst 🙂

\We had a wonderful time hosting many of our wine club members along with others on the cruise,  Normally not everyone attends each of the activities the cruise has prepared but it was such a friendly ship basically everyone went on every excursion. The lone hold outs? Well there were two times we didn’t go but that was only because I had to harken my tech sales days and build a couple powerpoint decks (oh man that hurts my teeth to say those words!) The powerpoint decks went over really well by the way!

In the meantime, thank you for visiting us on the BeAST side of Paso!  We make some pretty dang good wines over here too 🙂

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